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Black Friday eXtreme Pack
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Black Friday eXtreme Pack

Regular price $100.00

Black Friday eXtreme Pack

This will be limited!!!  Be ready!!!



1.  Each Pack you buy you will get get $100 or more in Value at the time I make the pack (Values based on Wednesday November 24, 2021).  

2.  No more than 2 Items per Pack

3.  You may receive Hobby/Retail Boxes in the eXtreme Pack

4.  You will get one Random pack in which a live video will be done to show what pack number (s) you will get via random.org.  At that time I will open your Pack and show the content.  This is the one time where I will open these live due to having Live Wax Redemptions inside the packs.  

5.  I will start doing the randoms live on Thanksgiving Thursday November 25, 2021 @ 11PM EST.  This will be live on eXtreme Card Breaks YouTube Channel.  All items will ship next Business Day.  The last day to buy one will be Sunday November 28, 2021 @ 5PM EST.  I will number the enveloped when I go live along with shuffle them.  Envelopes were sealed during the live video of the preview video.

6.  I will not open any Hobby/Retail Boxes, they will be shipped out.

7.  The Packs will go live on Thanksgiving at Noon EST.  This gives everyone time to buy spots prior to going live. 

8.  I will start the randoms in order of purchases.  1st Person who purchases pack(s), will go first.  If you buy multiple packs, the random will be done one time per order.  Example, Joe Smith buys 3 packs, then during the live random, Joe Smith will get the top 3 numbers that correspond with the pack at the end of the random.  Now, if Joe Smith buy 1 pack, then 2 hours later buys 1 more pack, those will not be done together if there are orders in between.  Joe Smith would get one pack randomed, then have to wait till his next order is up to get the next pack.

9.  No refunds will be issued after Thursday November 25, 2021 @10PM EST.  This is due to the product going live and being opened to where hits will disappear.

10.  YouTube Video of all rules/product inside the repack:  https://youtu.be/gwsvDrwPmwM


**Shipping - Any order of $49 is free shipping within the U.S.


The Checklist is as follows for this product:

**Note if you see this before the it goes live, this is just a list in progress

1.  2018 Topps Fire Ozzie Albies Rookie Patch AUTO #ed 09/25

2.  1950 Bowman Lou Groza PSA 4 

3.  2020 Bowman Sterling Jasson Dominguez Prospect AUTO PSA 9

4.  2020 Panini Flawless Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Premium Ink AUTO #ed 5/5

5.  2003 Topps Chrome Chris Bosh Rookie PSA 10

6.  2017 Optic Jason Tatum Rookie PSA 10

7.  2021 Clearly Authentic Juan Soto AUTO #ed 14/70

8.  2003 Upper Deck Exclusives Dwayne Wade Rookie PSA 10

9.  2014 Topps Platinum Xfractor Derek Carr Rookie PSA 10

10.  2021 Clearly Authentic Luis Robert /99 & 2021 Recon Lamelo Ball Rookie

11.  2009-10 Upper Deck Draft Edition Harden/Rubio/Curry

12.  2009-10 Upper Deck Draft Edition Rubio/Flynn/Curry & 2001 SP Game Floor Kobe/Garnett

13.  2021 Topps Archives Hobby Box & 2021 Topps Heritage Minor Hobby Box

14.  2021 Topps Archives Hobby Box & 2021 Topps Heritage Minor Hobby Box

15.  2021 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Hobby Box

16.  2021 Topps Update Jumbo Hobby Box




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