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This is the rules and conditions on all Razzes:

** CURRENTLY We are not accepting Razzes from customers yet, this is work in progress due to making up a form.  I am going to start posting Razzes shortly, but these are all owned by eXtreme Card Breaks.

1.  Any card that is posted on a Razz will be graded by either PSA or BGS/BVG.  The only exception to this is the card being numbers a True 1/1 or One of One.  (The reason for this is due to the condition of the card, so there will be no disagreements on the condition due to the grade)  The True 1/1 or One of One, will contain enough picture for the bidders to see the corners of the card and any flaws seen by eXtreme Card Breaks.

2.  You must be the owner of the card being Razzed.  Once I receive the card, I will inspect it to ensure the seal was not tampered with on all graded cards.  If it is a True 1/1 or One of One, then I will will use a jeweler loop to examine the card an put anything I see on the card condition in the description of the item.

3.  All Payments will be made through the store (eXtreme Card Breaks).

4.  The amount of spots will be determined by the seller of the card, and pricing will be done by eXtreme Card Breaks for the spots.

5. Everyone will get something out of the Razz.  How is the is possible?  I will add store credit to each spot.  It will go off the value of the card.  

Card Valued $20-$199 will have $1 store credit spots for each spot that does not win the card in the Razz.

Card Valued $200-$499 will have $5 store credit spots for each spot that does not win the card in the Razz.

Card Valued $500-$799 will have $10 store credit spots for each spot that does not win the card in the Razz.

Card Valued $800 and over,  will have a store credit determined by eXtreme Card Breaks on the spots that does not win the card in the sale.

**The store credit will be added to the price of the card, then divided into the prices of the spots.  Example - Card Value at $100 with 10 Spots would equal out to $110 total.  Each spot would be $11.

**There is no store credit of 5% given to razzes for buying spots, although you may use your credit that you have accumulated to buy spots.

6.  Paypal Fees, Shipping Costs, and Store Credit will be deducted from the total amount received in payments.  The remaining money will be sent to the owner of the card via PayPal. 

Example:  Total Spot value of $110 minus $5 in paypal Fees, $3.00 Shipping, and $10 in store credit = $92 to the card owner.  

7.  The cost of shipping will be as follows:

Card Value                 Cost of Shipping

$20-$199                     $3.00

$200-$499                   $6.00 (this will come with insurance on the card)

$500 and up                Price will be given upon value submitted of the card and will come with insurance, and signature required.

8.  Payment via Paypal will be sent to the seller within 24 hours of the Razz ending.

9.  By participating in a Razz you understand that you will either win the item being razzed or store credit as a customer.

10.  There will be Razzes that have multiple cards listed int he Razz, this will be explained in detail under the listing on what goes to each spot.  Some Razzes, everyone will receive a card.  

11.  Link to download the form for Razzes can be download here.

12. Time Schedule for Razzes (if a Razz fills, then it will go be razzed live according to this schedule):

Mon - 7PM EST to 8 PM EST

Wed - 7PM EST to 8 PM EST

Fri - 7PM EST to 8 PM EST

Sat - 7PM EST to 8 PM EST

13.  The Razz will be conducted live in the eXtreme Card Breaks Facebook group and a video will be uploaded to the You Tube Channel.  

14.  All Razzes will be done on a live stream, and will be conducted with Random.org.  The dice roll must come out to a sum of 7 or higher.  If it is lower than 7, then it will be rerolled until the sum is 7 or higher.  All participants in the Razz will be put into a list on random.org in the order they purchased the spots.  We will then make a list of the item(s) being razzed along with all break credit spots.  Both the item(s) list and the participants in the razz will be randomed via random.org live.