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Guidelines and Rules to Breaks

Unless that specific break has different rules/guidelines posted to it in the item descriptsion, below is what will be followed:

Basics: A group break is generally referred to as a group of individuals buying "slots" to receive potential hits from the break. The slot is usually a certain team, but there are many variations. This is a fun way for collectors to potentially receive hits from the favorite players or teams without purchasing an entire box or case. We have rules in place for multi-player cards and other scenarios that may happen as well, please read on below for those rules.

All slots must be sold before we can have the break. Prior to the break filling, a filler may be given to fill the remainder of the teams/players/or anything along with the main filler as well (if there is a main filler).

Terms & Conditions

By entering into an eXtreme Cards Breaks Break, you are either purchasing a "slot" or having a product opened live and shipped to you. In the event of having a team slot that does not receive any cards, you will not be refunded. When having product opened live for you, you will receive all the cards from the product that is opened.

Whether purchasing a "slot" in a group break or a product to be opened live for you, there will be no available refunds. By purchasing, you are entering the group or individual product break agreeing to our all sales are final policy for live breaks, regardless of the outcome of product content. This is just like gambling. If you decide that you want to cancel your payment, eXtreme Card Breaks legal department will access the situation and determine what actions will be taken. In the end, we just want everyone to have a good time, relax, and break with us.

Types of breaks we offer:

Personal Box or Case Break:  Break for one person.
Group Mixer Break:  Multi-box group break.
Group Case Break:  A full, sealed master case of boxes in one break.
Box Wars:  Break a single box for multiple people and the best box wins all the cards. (rules of winning will be determined by the people involved in the war)
Random Team Breaks:  Breaks that consist of a number of individuals paying the same price for a "slot” in the break. All the teams involved in the break then would be randomized live on camera, and matched up next to the individuals name. When you buy into a random team break, you will know exactly which team you have before the box and case breaking begins. If the box or case has "hits" from your team, you will receive those cards.

Selected Team Breaks:  All teams involved in the break would be priced out accordingly. This would be a first come, first served type of break. Each teams price would be determined by the potential hits of that team in that product.

"We Break it Live" Individual Box and Case Breaks: A customer purchases a box or case from our website for us to break it on camera. The box is opened on camera and is streamed live or uploaded to YouTube after the break depending on the customers preference. If the customer is not live to watch, this will be recorded live, and then placed in YouTube with the customers name.

Draft Style Break:  A Draft Style Break will consist of participants drafting their own team. All slots will be randomized via random.org, and that will determine the draft order. Once draft order is decided the draft will begin. Participants will select their team via the chat. If a participant does not respond in the chat what team they would like a team will be selected for them by the break host. If a participant cannot attend the draft they can email a draft list to the host ahead of time to etremecardbreak@gmail.com, and he will draft off of that. No team is guaranteed even with the list.

Draft Style Hit Break: There may be a time when a product has only a few cards in a box or case. A Draft Style Hit Break will consist of participants drafting their own card. All slots will be randomized via random.org, and that will determine the draft order. Once draft order is decided the draft will begin. Participants will select their card or hit.

*A special note about draft style breaks: If we have a draft where you get 2 teams or hits we would have a “snake-style” draft. This is where the second round would be in reverse order.

Recording: Breaks will be streamed live on our website, as well as on our Breakers.tv page. We will also have a library of breaks on our YouTube page.

Watching a Break: All boxes and/or cases will be shown before the break is started. Once the break starts all packs will be removed from the box. As packs are opened cards that are deemed a "hit" will be shown as a close up.

Shipping: All hits from group breaks will ship out Free USPS to the U.S. and Canada. Shipping days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday unless this falls on an American Federal Holiday which we will then ship the next day. No base will be shipped with group breaks. All inserts, rookies, memorabilia, and autographs will be shipped. For group breaks all products will be shipped with proper protection (bubble mailer, box, toploader, and/or one-touch). For personal breaks eXtreme Card Breaks will topload cards at our discretion.

Conduct: Box Breaking is intended to be a fun event and we encourage interaction with the chat feature. Our main goal is to make your hobby experience as enjoyable as possible. We please ask that you follow proper conduct while participating in a break. We will not tolerate any swearing or disrespect of our staff or other break participants. We reserve the right to ban a customer from participating in future breaks if we feel it is necessary.

Rules for Multi-Player Cards, Retired Multi-Team Players, etc.

Placement of Card: A card will be awarded to the team that is listed on the front or back of the card, not the jersey they are wearing. If there is no team name on the card then the card would be awarded to the team of the jersey that is being worn by the player.

Multi-Player Cards: Cards that have multiple players on it will be randomized through random.org at least three times. An individual will receive as many spots as they do players on the card. For example if a person owns two of the three players then they would receive two spots in the randomization of that card, and the other person would receive the third spot.

Retired or College Players: Many products have retired, or college players in them. This will go to the team the Player is currently playing on (college uniform) or the team they played the most games for. If a player played for a team that no longer exists, it will go to the team that they became. If all fails, it will be randomed at the discretion of eXtreme Card Breaks.

Defunct and Moved teams examples

Winnipeg Jets (PRE 1996) go to Phoenix
Atlanta Thrashers go to Winnipeg Jets (EST. 2011)
Teams or situations not listed will be drawn on random.org website in the final video (eg. special insert card)